Events calendar



from March 7th to 10th
Based at Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau, this wonderful gastronomic fair features delicacies from all over Switzerland, and elsewhere.


from March 14th to 17th
At the exhibition hall in Delémont : a nice little fair featuring mainly Swiss wines, and a few from other countries.


from April 3rd to 8th
The Swiss wine fair : 180 exhibitors to visit, under excellent conditions, thanks to perfect organisation.

Switzerland-Alsace Day

April 13th
We shall have as guests on our estate, our friends the Zusslins, winemakers from Alsace, who will be delivering to their clients from the Divinum. A memorable day of cooperative interaction!

BEA at Bern

from April 26th to May 5th
The central-Swiss agricultural show, with an amazing atmosphere ! At the BEA you can find everything …or even nothing ! The wines will be in a special exhibition hall (1.2). Our stand will be shared with other wine producers from Mont-sur-Rolle (stand A 004).

Cantonal Open Wine-Cellars

June 8 th and 9th
You just have to choose which ‘appellation’ you want to visit…Mont-sur-Rolle of course!
With 30 open wine-cellars, you could perhaps plan to spend a night in the region!

Week-end of presence at the Mont-sur-Rolle wine-producers' cellar

Aug 30-31th-sept 1st and october 25-26-27th
Yves or Antoine will expect you for a moment of conviviality. Friday and Saturday from 5 to 9 pm, Sunday from 11 am. to 12h30, and from 5 to 8 pm.

Gastronomic trip

September 7th
5 kms in our beautiful hills, with some stops on wine estates. A great day out!

Zuger Messe

from October 19th to 27th
A revival to discover together mythical regional salon.

Goût & Terroirs (Tastes & Regions)

October 30 th to November 3rd
At Bulle, the Swiss gastronomic fair… Everything in the fair is good!

Echallens Fair

from November 6th to 10th
Echallens, a centre of development, where people still have a moment to pass the time of day. A dynamic and friendly exhibition.

Broyard Fair

from November 15th to 24th
A reflection of the dynamic region of Broye with a wonderful ambiance during the whole 10 days!

Vinum Rarum

November 20th 2019
This year Vinum Rarum will take the air on the Federal Square on November 22 from 11 to 17h. The showcase for independent wine producers from all over Switzerland!!! Around 60 families will be present to introduce you to their wine made by their hands and their heart!

Christmas Market at the estate

November 30th and December 1st
The smallest Christmas market in the world but how friendly ! For us it’s the conclusion of the year, with pea soup offered to everyone!!! Conviviality in moon boots!